Duffy "Rockferry" single review + watch video


Duffy is the real deal and is the next big thing. There. I've said it. Finally someone has come along - new on the scene here in the UK - who has managed to send chills down my spine.

When I listen to Duffy's new single, "Rockferry" I'm reminded of the recent trend of old school Serge Gainsbourg, Burt Bacharach and Phil Spector influenced songs and female singers that have been cropping up lately. There's something different, though with "Rockferry". It's Duffy. Her voice is unique and endearing and from the very first note, the song starts off a winner.

With the help of producer Bernard Butler, together they have created a piece of music that could have come out of a 60's time capsule. Instead, as a new single release out 19 November as a download/vinyl 7" on 3 December 2007, "Rockferry" will be a welcome addition for radio listeners, and I would hope, will be added to many a radio playlist before the year's end.

Watch Duffy - "Rockferry" video:

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Duffy Official Website

By: Jenny May - Band Weblogs

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9 Responses to Duffy "Rockferry" single review + watch video

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  4. karl says:

    My son has recently returned from Berklee college of music in the US where he was studying guitar performance.When he returned he was very dissapointed in what he heard butDuffy has restored his faith. Thanks Duffy keep the good music coming.Karl

  5. addy says:

    I've been a fan since seeing her on 'Jools Holland later' back in November 07. Coming from someone who's been to many a live gig and seen some fabulous shows and paid for the privilage of seeing top top bands, Duffy is just something else. Finally got to see her last night at King Tut's in Glasgow and what can I say? She is just absolutely fantastic!!!!! Her album isn't released yet but with Mercy being number one in the UK charts.....well, look out UK cos that's definitely not the only number one on that album. What a voice..... what a lady. Absolute talent!!!!

  6. noddyh77 says:

    yes i saw duffy to on jools holland in nov 07 & must say i was taking back. hope you all give her a listen. gr8 stuff. ive seen many bands in my time so its thumbs up all the way.

  7. Hana says:

    Check out her early stuff recorded in her mother tongue back in 2004 - her Welsh single is currently No. 1 in Wales. How many people have a number 1 in both countries, simultaneously with 2 different songs? You'll find it under Aimee Duffy on youtube or available to download on itunes. Particularly listen to Hedfan Angel...

  8. rei says:

    i'm in love with mercy especially those mods whose really into the groove. Very sharp with the freds and ben shermans. Duffy is really something.

  9. Len says:

    I think I saw Duffy on the Letterman show?
    I need to know the name of the song she performed

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