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Jenny May

As the founder of, Jenny May is keeping busy publishing music news, interviewing bands and artists - and recording new music in Oxford, England with Purple May.

Billy Morrison's Blog

Circus Diablo

Billy Morrison's blog - Billy is in the band Camp Freddy - band members include Billy Morrison (Doheny, The Cult), Dave Navarro (Red Hot Chili Peppers, Jane's Addiction), Matt Sorum (Guns N Roses, Velvet Revolver), Donovan Leitch (son of legendary folk singer Donovan), and Chris Chaney (Janes Addiction, Alanis Morrisette). He also hosts CFR (Camp Freddy Radio) with Dave Navarro and various members of the band. His new band is Circus Diablo.
Billy Morrison

Dave Navarro's blog; includes the latest news on his band Camp Freddy, questions and answers from fans, chat, the Panic Community, Camp Freddy Radio and other links to check out.

6767 Dave Navarro's Blog

Pete Townshend's Diaries

The Who's Pete Townshend has written a serialization of his novella, 'The Boy Who Heard Music'. This is a text only offering and will be posted on his Diary Pages, (and was also on the - not anymore?) blog site so that comments can be posted by those reading it.

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Tour Disasters - Stolen Gear

A nice inner-journal of a 2-week tour of our pop-rock NYC band that ended in a disaster... all gear stolen including my precious yamaha 88-key piano.... read on!

Holly Figueroa's Blog

Singer-Songwriter Holly Figueroa's blog. Holly is also the founder of Indiegrrl which is a forum for information, networking, and conversation about independent music from a female perspective.
Dead Relatives


almost alt country from the wild west, the third record from the founder of Indiegrrl mashes smart pop, with deep, dark country. A CD Baby top seller, highly recommended.

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The Road Diary

Tony Levin's Road Diary! The bass playing extraordinaire who's played with the likes of King Crimson and Peter Gabriel writes about his life on the road.

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Brian May's Blog

Brian May from Queen has a blog!

Sananda Maitreya's Blog

Multi-platinum artist Sananda Maitreya's Blog includes his latest music news and more. His "Angels & Vampires" project is released gradually in chapters on the web. Here you will read when & where.

Sananda Maitreya

Freeway Jam

Music Consumption in the MP3 Era. "It's about music, or music collections, or being a listener of music, or consuming music. It's other things too, at least in theory. I try to provide the visitor with a piece of information, an anecdote, a tip, and a joke every day (some days are better than others). The album art is a popular feature here it seems; it certainly can jog old memories."

Song Search and Retrieval by Tapping
This site lets you search for a song by tapping the rhythm of its words (lyrics)!


From the New York Press: "Valeze has got their feet firmly planted in Blondie's footsteps. Fronted by classically-trained Tiffany Randol, this band (with their frenetic breakdowns and breathy vocals) will take you right back to Studio 54."

Watch the 'Search And Destroy' Video!

Valeze Video


Mansion On The Hill

Mansion On The Hill is an indie rock blog featuring the best legal MP3s freely available on the Internet. The tracks that are featured on this blog are played on my internet radio show also available at along with my long time favorites, new discoveries and lost classics.

The Wreckroom

"Stuck inside of reno, with the metry blues again . . .just your average random sample, not working, bashing out songs and viddys."


Radiohead's Blog: Dead Air Space

Oxford, England band Radiohead's blog. The band writes about recording their upcoming album with photos and miscellaneous commentary.

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Written by Pamela MacCarthy; jazz vocalist, artist, mother & glamma goyle. An ex New Yorker, now residing in Tokyo, Japan. Includes a link to her main website- with sound clips from her CD, bio, live music schedule, paintings and computer art section...

The Rock and Roll Report

The Rock and Roll Report has a plethora of information directed toward independent music lovers including indie news, releases and resources as well as reporting the latest trends in music making devices. And of course plenty of music biz news to keep you busy for hours.

David Byrne's Journal

David Byrne's award winning journal.

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Box of Rain

Such A Long, Long Time To Be Gone. Let my inspiration flow. Thank you to Grateful Dead and Dead Family Lyricists for all blog entry titles. You continue to inspire me and I will forever be a Deadhead.

Waved Rumor

Waved Rumor, a daily blog for cool people, takes 50 years of rock & roll, and distills it into bite-sized chunks for your daily cravings. NYC singer/rocker Dfactor is your guide through this never-ending, never dull journey.


Thrasher's Blog

Neil Young and the Music He Influenced from alt-country to Grunge.

Adam Duritz

Adam Duritz from The Counting Crows has a blog with his latest news, thoughts and shows - his site also includes photos and a list of the top 17 albums that he's bought more than once and his top 10 favorite albums of 2000.

San Antonio Rocks

Covers the rock music scene in San Antonio Texas.

Radio DTB

Radio DTB is run by Greg Cohoon, a fan of live music and the Derek Trucks Band. Radio DTB hosts a weekly, thirty minute, podcast-style show featuring live DTB music available from the Live Music Archive. This site also serves as a one-stop portal to the other great DTB resources on the internet.

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Tejano Road

Julian Escobedo, Bass player for Grammy award winning tejano artist Emilio Navaira, personal blog. Stories, pics and rants from this Tejano musician, from life on the road.

MiGGs Journal

" ... Singled out by the San Francisco Herald as "the next big thing outta the San Francisco Bay Area," this extraordinary quartet sold ten thousand copies of its first album with no promotion, won exposure through promoting episodes of Fox's The OC, secured a Gibson endorsement, and earned plaudits in Amplifier Magazine and on,,, and -- all without a label backing them up ..."

MIGGS: AnywayMIGGS: Anyway

Not many bands can bewitch browsers with an acoustic set at Border's Books and Music, bring fifteen thousand fans to their feet with an a cappella rendition of "The Star Spangled Banner," blow the roof off the arena while opening for Aerosmith or Kid Rock

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Franz Ferdinand's Blog

Franz Ferdinand, alternative rockers from Glasgow blogging about tours, recording, events and daily info. Select which band members' blog that you would like to read, or the 'Generic Band Blog'. (Good Idea.)

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