David G Cox to release Bag of Bones EP + "Docklands Serenade" video

David G Cox

David G Cox - Bag of Bones EP (vinyl/digital)

Released June 2013 via Dreamtrak Records (digital via Waltz Time)

New "Docklands Serenade" video

'Bag of Bones' is the new EP from nomadic songwriter and musician David G Cox, now based in London. The EP is released spring 2013 by rising East London label Dreamtrak Records.

Following on from his self-titled and much-lauded debut, 'Bag of Bones' is the perfect successor with four artfully crafted songs slipping seamlessly from vintage jukebox stomp to lovelorn plaintive folk via whiskey-soaked jazz and porch song blues.

David G Cox - "Docklands Serenade" video:

The culmination of recording sessions over many months, their journey began in Jamie Cullum's luxurious West London studio, thanks to drummer Tom also moonlighting as Cullum's sax-player.

The EP was later completed across venues more suited to the rugged, lived-in feel of the music with double bass, Hammond and piano recorded across East London studios and a school in Norwich. Notable musicians involved along the way included members of Fireworks Night and Fire Stations on violin, brass and guitar, as well as journalist and Scritti Politti member Rhodri Marsden on musical saw - David emailed on a whim and was pleasantly surprised to see turn up on the day of recording! Backing vocals are provided by the 3 way talents of Oli Horton, Chad Mason and all female vocals are courtesy of David's own lady wife Lucy Wilford.

Taking point from a myriad of influences the music echoes with the strains of Pentangle, The Incredible String Band, Serge Gainsbourg and the Get Carter soundtrack. Yet it's all shot through with an acute pop sensibility in the concise arrangements and love of close harmonies equally evoking the seasonal spirits of The Zombies and The Beach Boys.

At the forefront of these sumptuous musical textures, the voice and wordplay of David G Cox stands prominent. Running in the same rich vein of legendary alt-crooners Waits, Cohen and Cave his deeply soulful and eccentric delivery tows the line between warmly welcoming and curiously unique. It's a balance reflected in David's lyrics, for example on the title track, a "bitter breakup song written ages ago" which on reflection he deemed "too navel-gazing and self-indulgent" and so turned it into a duet, "which is much more fun for the listener."

It often sounds as if David is trying to step out of his world in order to explain it to outsiders, yet it strikes the listener as one comfortingly familiar through its magpie collection of sounds and imagery. This is in parts thanks to producer Oli Horton of Dreamtrak Records who assisted in bringing these elements together into a cohesive whole. Having previously worked with Swim Deep, Sky Larkin and Foals, he was able to bring modern pop knowhow as well as being classically trained in score writing and harmonies.

It is testament to this partnership that the EP is both steeped in musical history whilst still delivering contemporary, three-and-a-half-minute pop songs, and looks set to propel David G Cox into many more hearts and minds.

"a wonderfully inspired debut full of depth and wonderful performances" " - The Line of Best Fit

"a very well crafted and sobering first album" - Drowned in Sound

"A fine, individual effort" - Clash

David G Cox Facebook

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