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First class performance aboard the Theatretrain »

On Sept 28th, 2008, renowned performing arts organisation, Theatretrain, present their most ambitious show to date in the magnificent surroundings of The Royal Albert Hall.

Theatretrain are one of the UK’s leading youth performing arts companies with over 80 schools around the country offering high quality training and the unique opportunity to perform in local and national theatres. Backed by patrons including Catherine Tate and Derek Jacobi, they have been inspiring young people between the ages 6 and 18 to express their emotions, hopes and dreams through the art of performance for over 16 years.

Their latest production “I Don’t Feel Like Dancing” is one of the biggest and most ambitious performances the UK has seen, bringing together 24 different Theatretrain centres to create an exhilarating show with more than 1400 performers. Unlike any of the other performing arts schools providing this form of education, Theatretrain are unique in that they create large scale experiences for ALL of their pupils whatever their ability and give them the opportunity to perform at the best theatres in the country. When it comes to the sheer scale of performance and the quality of venue Theatretrain are steaming ahead.

The Royal Albert Hall production focuses on dance and movement skills from the work of Laban, the celebrated theatre choreographer, dance artist and theorist who devised the 8 efforts of human movement.

With over 30 fantastic music numbers ranging from Classical to Urban, the dazzling performance begins with the Scissor Sisters and Snow Patrol and works its way through a variety of dance styles and forms including Hip Hop, Irish, Greek and Salsa. There are four efforts in each act and each one is expressed with a shorter piece of classical music and another contemporary song. The visual aspect of the performance plays a crucial part and the audience will be treated to a stunning display of vibrant colour and movement across the stage.

This spectacular production will be the perfect opportunity to see Theatretrain’s teaching philosophies of energy, enthusiasm and commitment expressed through performance, as well as catching a glimpse of Britain’s future West End stars!

For more details please contact: Tom Green @ Zest PR [email protected]
020 7734 0206

Editors Notes:

Theatretrain was established in 1992 and has 85 schools across the UK and Ireland. The Artistic Director and founder of Theatretrain, Kevin Dowsett is also the UK Chair of the International Amateur Theatre Association, president of EDEREND and Artistic Director of the World Children’s Theatre Ensemble.

Theatretrains patrons are: Sir Derek Jacobi, Catherine Tate, Alfred Molina, Frances De La Tour and Kate Williams

Theatretrain are unique in that every year each child attending a Theatretrain school has the opportunity to perform in a production either locally or in the West End.

Theatretrain concentrate on two processes - learning skills in the performing arts and performing those skills to an audience.

Theatretrain have been actively building links with organisations and companies of young people in Europe and beyond. Incl Italy, Czech republic, France, Greece and Russia

Tamara Lewis - Living Down River Review »

Tamara Lewis is a brave soul. After suffering through 10 years of Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction, she decided to pick up the guitar, write songs and sing them. All of this happened at the tender age of 46. Now if that is not inspiring, what is?

Living Down River is a ten track recording encompassing real life situations and feelings all set to a tasteful mix of folk, Americana and blues. Tamara has a clear and thoughtful vocal style that is convincing while very pleasing and inviting regardless of what style of music she is playing. She also writes all of her own material and maintains her independence as an artist with no attachments to any third parties. Ok, I am really starting to like this woman, everything about her is real and original and she is indie - that is the entire package for me, well the music needs to be good too and in this case, it is the icing on the cake.

This CD is solid in every way, the production is good, the musicianship exemplary - all of the most important aspects are in focus so we have ourselves a captivating group of songs to listen to. I have no doubt after reading about the life of this artist that she truly is living the songs performed.

When you hear “Better Day”, it echoes with emotion and the feeling of someone that has gone through, experienced, and endured some hardships only to come out the other side and step into the light then be able to share that experience with someone that needs some inspiration to do the same. “Big City Blues” is my favorite, which comes as no surprise because I do love the blues and it is a very upbeat track. Tamara and her friends really strut their stuff on this one.

I think a prerequisite to listening to this music and understanding it is to be in a reflective and somewhat serious mood but also lighthearted enough to enjoy the warmth and sunshine it can put in your heart because of all the hope and emotion that comes down the river, just as the title and closing track says. It is a bluesy number with a harmonica that is longing for a friend. A perfect closer to these stories told so well. “That Leavin’ Sound” is a lament to a relationship getting ready to end as the singer anticipates a break up by that sound of leaving in the person’s voice. These particular songs made a noticeable impact on me musically and emotionally.

To relate to music is to know it, and to know it is to understand the artist presenting it. I think I connected on Living Down River.

Artist: Tamara Lewis
Title: Living Down River
Genre: Folk-Americana-Blues
Label: Independent
Source Link

01.I’ll Come Home
02.Better Day
03.Love Song To The Midwest
04.Don’t Look At The Mountain
05.That Leavin’ Sound
06.Big City Blues
07.With My Eyes
08.Cold Coffee, Warm Beer
09.Key of Lonely
10.Living Down River


Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck

It’s Back to School for Nadia! »

Campus Movie Fest 2008 - 2009 World Tour will feature Nadia’s original music. The tour is called the world’s largest student film festival and film students across the world will have access to Nadia’s music for use in their creative projects. “Love Song”, “Born To Be Wild”, “I Never Knew”, and “Tears Of Mine” were selected for CMF’s Library.

For more about Nadia and her music, visit

Musicians Against Parkinson’s Awareness Benefit Concert Success »


On Saturday, August 23rd, 2008, at Club Soda in Montreal, Quebec, a collaboration of Canadian musicians joined forces with Confront Magazine to help create awareness for the charity ((( MAPMUSIC ))) - Musicians Against Parkinson’s founded by diagnosed Parkinson musician Robbie Tucker.

The event included performances by upcoming Canadian artists Arthur Kall, Monday Rose, Polar Eyes, The Hot Streak, La Confrerie and The New Cities as well as presentations by MapMusic founder, Robbie Tucker, Craig Buntin (currently the Canadian Pairs bronze medalist ranked 6th in the world) and MusiquePlus VJ Mathieu Marcotte.

The benefit’s main goal was to create strong awareness to all those in attendance and to educate that Parkinson’s disease doesn’t just affect the elderly but young adults and children.

“I was really pleased with the turn out and the generosity shown by all. It was a great cause and it was a privilege for our event as producers to be an Awareness Concert for MapMusic. We can’t wait to do it again.” Says Confront Editor Angel Karmazenuk.

The involvement of the music community and grateful work by the band The Hot Streak behind the scenes in aiding MAPMUSIC & Confront Magazine is highly appreciated.

Many music fans walked into the event uneducated of the disease and the common notion that Parkinson’s is a disease that causes shaking in the elderly. But as the night proceeded, the over 300 music fans of all ages walked away with a better understanding of Parkinson’s symptoms and effects as they were informed throughout the night by the many members of MAPMUSIC.

ABOUT: Canadian musician, Robbie Tucker, began 2008 with a promise. He pledged to create an organization to aid in his fight against Parkinson’s disease; and through this organization, to raise $1,000,000.00 to help others who are living with the illness.

MapMusic (((Musicians Against Parkinson’s))) aims to accomplish the following:

- Educate and change the way people think about Parkinson’s
- Help in Finding a cure
- Assist and motivate individuals living with Parkinson’s

MapMusic founder, Robbie Tucker, was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease at the age of 28. Now 31 years old, the musician is fully aware that there might come a time when his disease will permanently prevent him from performing live music. So now, with his medicated 2nd chance, he is pushing himself and his re?established abilities to the limit to avoid any future musical loss.

Craig Buntin, currently the Canadian Pairs bronze medalist, ranked 6th in the world has joined forces with MapMusic ((( Musicians Against Parkinson’s ))) to aide in the fight against Parkinson’s. Craig represented Canada at the 2006 Olympic Winter Games and, in addition to winning three Canadian National Pairs titles, has been an international competitor for ten years. His mom was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease two years ago. This is not only his way of helping his mom, but all those affected with Parkinson’s.

Contact: Jon Asher - Music Publicist
514-581-5780 - [email protected]

MapMusic Official Website

Confront Magazine

‘Jack Says’ out on DVD »

Jack Says - Music by David Beard
Waking up in London with amnesia next to a dead body, Jack has just enough time and sense to disappear before the police arrive. In an attempt to lay low, he heads to Paris to visit the ex he can’t remember. But a guy like Jack attracts trouble, and an encounter with the mysterious Girl X draws him and the woman he loves back into a world he’s trying hard to avoid… and to remember. JACK SAYS is a contemporary film noir thriller and stars Simon Phillips, Rita Ramnani, Aurelie Amblard, Daniel Roberts with Rula Lenska, Mike Reid and Eric Cantona.

Directed by Simon Phillips and Bob Komar.

Music composed by David Beard

The last professional engagement of the legendary MIKE REID.

SPECIAL FEATURES: Making of Jack Says The Premiere Screening Deleted/Extended Scenes Eric Cantona Gag Reel
JACK SAYS - The film is now available for pre-order on several sites:


JACK SAID Graphic Novel - The graphic novel is currently on sale in many book retailers, and heavily available again online. The book has just been released in the USA in the hope of building some expectancy of a US DVD release for the film.

As always - all my very best wishes.

David Beard
Film Music Composer

Tim Young Releases Third Album ‘The Cost’ On Not Fade Away Records »

New York, NY - Not Fade Away Records announced the release of Hell’s Kitchen Rock n Roll legend Tim Young’s latest album “The Cost” on major online retail stores this September 9th, 2008. Produced by Mark Meisel and Bob Becker of Counter Clockwise Music of Detroit and mastered at Cincinnati’s Sound Images by Dave Davis, the album was unveiled at a pre-release party on Sunday July 27th in the Klub Room at mid-town Manhattan’s Connolly’s Pub.

“‘The Cost’ is about dealing with loss and the processes one might use to help get things back to a better balance in life,” explained Tim. “Loss can cover a lot of ground but ‘The Cost’ is focused on two areas in particular: love and freedom - how each are tied together and how each must maintain their autonomy in order to flourish.”

What the press is saying about Tim Young:

“Just when I despaired of ever again hearing tight, passionate, honest, slam-bang ROCK, along comes Tim Young. You just don’t get this kind of stuff every day. It comes from a talent that has worked out in the “gym” to develop itself, and a maturity that reminds you just what personal rock and poetry are all about. Tim Young is the real thing.”
- Eliot Camaren, The Clinton Chronicle

“Young’s unschooled, urgent vocal delivery and lo-fi aesthetic combined with his solid and energetic guitar playing and fertile creativity places his music at the intersection between urban folk, heartland rock and outsider music.”
- Jon Sobel, Blogcritics Magazine


About Tim Young
Tim Young is a veteran to the New York music scene for nearly two decades. Following the release of NO STRANGER in 2002 he began a string of over 80 shows at the Electric Banana Bar on west 50th street. At the Banana Tim was able to solidify a great fan base, record a live CD, and continue to produce new material. Once the Banana Bar closed in April of 2005, Tim was invited to perform weekly at the nearby Bellevue Bar where the act evolved into a duo with the addition of drummer Sand Edwards. Following the stint at Bellevue Bar, Tim Young Band was installed as the house band at Club Siberia.

Young began releasing CDs in 2002 with NO STRANGER, a collection of nine original instrumentals self-produced and recorded at his home studio. For his second release RED, his debut as a solo singer/songwriter, he recorded sixteen original songs that explore the emotional landscape of an artist dealing with the way of life in twenty-first-century NYC. Tim Young’s third CD THE COST features twelve new songs and a brand new version of his own tune “Renegade” from RED. THE COST takes some similar themes but develops them in a more complex way with the addition of a full band. Tim likes to call this record rock ‘n roll. He takes guitar, bass and drums and puts them together in a classy classic kind of way to create music that envelopes not only rock, but also country and folk influences woven into the fabric of rock ‘n roll.

Currently, Tim Young Band performs once a month at Vintage Bar & Restaurant located at 51st Street and 9th Ave. in Manhattan.

Tony Adamo and Steve Gadd Groovin’ High »

Tony Adamo and Steve Gadd Groovin’ High
Franki LaMantia/Urbanzonerecords

San Francisco, CA

Dr. Groove, Steve Gadd was groovin’ high on two of singer/songwriter, Tony Adamo’s new tunes, “Cold Duck” and “Ecstasy.” Jerry Stucker, Adamo’s long time producer got these hot tracks from Gadd. The Groove Dr. set the pace with a smooth, funky pulse around Adamo’s voice building a wall of chilled out grooves that permeated the recording studio. This new and extraordinary drum sound fused Adamo’s funky sensibility and rhythmic singing style with Gadd’s in the pocket drum precision. You just might find a couple of hits here. These two new songs will be on Adamo’s new CD release in ‘09.

Steve is one of the most in-demand and influential drummers in the world. This master drummer has played or recorded with the likes of Chick Corea, Paul McCartney, Al Jarreau, James Brown, Lee Ritenour and Stevie Wonder just to name a few.

Music critics have said the following about Adamo:

“Impressive is an understatement. Adamo’s stylish and signature vibrato tinged voice adds a truly bright dimension to all he endeavors to be set to song.” Ronald Jackson of

“Tony Adamo’s voice is like Lou Rawls fronting Tower of Power.” Stuart Hamilton of

“Tony Adamo’s STRAIGHT UP DEAL CD reveals the vocal talents of a superior singer.” Edward Blanco of

Info on Tony Adamo: and CDBaby

Social Icons Prepare to Smash the Glass Ceiling »

We may not be the guys you knew, but our souls are still right in it, coming back with a better sound, yeah the town is gonna dig it.” – ‘Coming Back’ by Social Icons.

When you’ve worked your way so far up the musical mountain that you can almost taste the peak of success, having to climb your way back up from the bottom may not be an ideal situation to find yourself in.

Yet for North West rockers, Social Icons, it’s a challenge their approaching with aplomb.

Formed in 2004 under a different name, the band wasted no time in attracting a large, devoted following on both sides of the Atlantic.

At home, their catchy, infectious, pop-punk stompers, delivered in countless enthralling live shows, won over gig-goers in their droves and helped them deliver a rabble-rousing headline set in front of 800 music fans in their hometown of Wigan.

Meanwhile, the formidable foursome earned themselves a growing audience in the States thanks to the power of the internet and a little ditty entitled ‘Your Johnny Depp’.

The tune, a punk-infused ode to the Hollywood heartthrob, rapidly became a favourite with internet radio stations and American rock fans alike, as well as providing the highlight of many a gig back home.

With the band’s ever-growing army of American fans begging them to cross the pond and tour, and their home-town crowds getting bigger by the show, the next step to superstardom seemed inevitable.

And it nearly was.

Garnering interest from labels and booking agents in the US, the lads were hotly tipped to make the leap from cult status to bonafide rockstars.

That was, until the proverbial glass ceiling that has cut short many an aspiring star’s career was sealed tightly over their own aspirations.

“To be honest, that was probably the best thing that could’ve happened to us,” explains frontman, Dave Costello.

“By the time ‘…Johnny Depp’ really started to get us noticed, we were already growing as a band and wanting to move away from playing that pop-punk style, but that’s what people had come to expect from us and it was working, so we stuck with it for the sake of success.

“On the outside, everything looked great for us, but behind close doors we were bored with playing the same stuff. It wasn’t the happiest time to be in the band.

“Then, after all the label interest and the buzz surrounding us at the time hit a brick wall, it made us reassess a few things.

“We all still wanted to be at the top of the mountain, but we wanted to get there playing music that we all enjoy, which is a edgier and more grown than what we were doing before. It was time to move on.”

After playing a storming farewell Christmas show in 2007, the band called time on their pop-punk days and spent the next eight months holed away; writing new, harder material and planning their second assent to the top.

Now, armed with a new direction, a new name and a new collection of big riffs and slick licks, Social Icons are coming back.

And this time, they’re determined to smash the glass ceiling and finally hit that peak of success.

Social Icons are:

Dave Costello – lead guitar / lead vocals
Ian Graham – rhythm guitar / vocals
Matt Highton – bass / vocals
Kevin ‘Down Town’ Brown – Drums.


For more information, please contact Chris at [email protected]

Liquor Boxx - Live Review from Rock City »

I was prepared to hate them. I was dragged to Liquor Boxx’s show at Rock City, in Mentor, OH, by a friend who had been given a flier by one of the band members the night before, proclaimed that he was “really cute” and that we had to go. Now, this is normally the sign of a long night that can only be made better by some kind of freakish power outage, but thankfully, this was not the case here.

Around 10:30, a group from Chicago called Liquor Boxx took to the stage, which I had been noticing before they’d even gone up because it looked, well…professional.. Though appearing to be effortlessly cool, someone in the band had obviously put a lot of thought into the look of it, with scarves on the mic stand, and a tiger-print looking drum kit and matching guitars, though it didn’t give the impression they were trying too hard.

They announced that they were on the East coast leg of their tour, dubbed “Inner Peace”, and started with a catchy up-tempo number. With the opening notes, their Hendrix and Zeppelin influences were plain to see, though they were coupled with the band’s own dramatic flair. It soon became clear that Kevin Mace the singer, is quite the frontman and before the night was over he literally had people moving on the dance floor and several women who actually invited themselves onstage. During their set, Patrick Creedon, the guitarist actually played guitar around a girl and then hoisted her on his shoulder-all the while doing a wicked guitar solo. The bassist, Marty Farrelly, was very solid and had a great quiet presence and Johnny Stoneking, their drummer, played a five minute solo that ended with him playing with glow-in-the-dark sticks and then just his hands!

Liquor Boxx offered a live show that had something that I haven’t seen in a long time-substance. Not only do they actually play their instruments, but they play them exceptionally well, not only are they charismatic but they make you feel personally involved in, and responsible for, their rising stature on the indie scene; you’re rooting for these guys to succeed because they work so hard, put on a great show, entertain the crowd and they have that intangible something special. Already signed to Refugee Entertainment, LLC, a smart move by the indie record label, Liquor Boxx’s live show offers guitar contortionism, musical virtuosity, charisma, and passionate, bluesy alternative rock at its best.

Liquor Boxx upcoming “Inner Peace” tour dates:

08.28.08 10:00 PM New York City NY Arelene’s Grocery

08.30.08 8:00 PM Southbridge MA The Pump House

09.05.08 8:00 PM Pawtucket RI KC’s Tap

09.07.08 8:00 PM Barrington NJ The Roadhouse

09.11.08 8:00 PM Philadelphia PA Sweeney’s

09.13.08 8:00 PM New York City NY The Knitting Factory

09.20.08 1:15 AM Marietta GA Atlantis Music Conference

10.17.08 8:00 PM Raleigh NC Dive Bar

10.18.08 8:00 PM Fayetteville NC The Rock Shop

10.24.08 8:00 PM Hilton Head Island SC Riders Lounge

10.25.08 8:00 PM Hilton Head Island SC Riders Lounge

10.26.08 8:00 PM Hilton Head Island SC Riders Lounge

Liquor Boxx sites:

Jude Johnstone - Mr. Sun Review »

On Jude Johnstone’s third effort Blue Light I discovered a rare new talent that had enormous potential. On Mr. Sun, that potential comes bursting through every song in the most beautiful untarnished way. The session prior to this is what spurred Jude on to get into a creative groove that kept going so they just continued to record and got enough material together to put out this new recording.

This is Jude’s ode to all the musicians that contributed to the sessions and the inspiration to create she found calling to her inside the music. A wellspring of ideas came flowing forth effortlessly just as the music pushed her to croon out the title track and ten more fine compositions after that with heartfelt emotion and spirit.

“Mr. Sun” is as warm as the title-there is something about the song that gives you that special tingly feeling that only a classic song can. It conveys something so strong that no other song could possibly match it. Not to say that this is not a very strong effort, indeed it is. This is the kind of album that needs some attention and will easily find it in due time once these tracks hit the airwaves or find their way in digital formats all over the internet and web radio.

Incredibly, Jude wrote all of these songs, no obligatory jazz standards, covers or nods to influences are on this CD, it is all pure Jude. This is the reason it all works so well, I do not think anyone wanted to do anything different on this project. Again David Pitch (upright bass), Danny Frankel (drums, percussion), Freddy Koella (guitar), and Marc Macisso (sax) show up for the event. In addition to the regulars Dean Parks, Mark Goldenberg (guitar), Jan Osssman (upright bass), Daniel Savant (muted trumpet, flugelhorn), Stephen Bishop, and Maxayn Lewis who provided background vocals step in to help. I had to mention them all because each person played their own quintessential role into making this Jude Johnstone’s masterpiece. If this one does not break her out, well I cannot see how anything else could, it is that good.

Jude goes from slinky late night burners “Baby, Don’t You Call My Name” and “Winding Back My Heart” where she sings, “I can turn myself into a ghost if you want me to,” facing the inevitable loss of her love, to the less musically complicated laments like “So Bad.” Her vocal chords are the main instrument and it all builds into a mountain of feeling and an excellent musical production that this album is consistently from the first note to the last.

Indie jazz simply does not get any better than this.

Artist: Jude Johnstone
Title: Mr.Sun
Genre: Jazz-Blues
Label: Bojak Records
Source Link

01. Mr. Sun
02. Over Easy
03. Don’t Tell Me That It’s Over
04. Echoes of Blue
05. Sunday Evening
06. When My Ship Comes In
07. Baby, Don’t You Call My Name
08. So Bad
09. Winding Back My Heart
10. The Light of Day
11. One For Us


Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck