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Mark Hollingsworth

A passionate musical thrill seeker, 'Chasing the Sun' is the powerful expression of Mark Hollingsworth's lifelong mission to search for the best in music from every style around the world. The result is a fresh, clear sound that dares to push the boundaries of contemporary music itself. Having worked with a broad array of legendary artists from Santana to Luther Vandross, Alice Cooper to Stevie Wonder, Hollingsworth has indeed explored the world.

A first-call session player and magna cum laude graduate of Berklee in Boston, Massachusetts, Mark Hollingsworth has recorded music for movies, television and cartoons in settings from symphony orchestras to jazz combos.

A concert with Quincy Jones that infused the excitement of improvisation with the classical orchestra led to the inspiration for 'Chasing the Sun'. Hollingsworth set out on an adventure that would forge a new frontier, while redefining the depths of his own musical experience.

As a solo artist, Mark's debut album 'On the Mark' dominated the Top 10 at Music Choice for nearly a full year. Determined to capture even more of his band's tremendous energy with 'Chasing the Sun', Mark wrote music that incorporated the vast elements of Jazz, Blues, Cajun, Gospel and Latin styles. The result is a rich tapestry of colorful melodic proportions.

'Chasing the Sun' is a testament to the limitless possibilities of music. Mark Hollingsworth's ability to weave many elements into a singular expression allows his music to take the listener on a journey that is fun, funky, exotic and exceedingly beautiful.

"Whoa, does he play sax!" - Scott O'Brien,

"High Velocity" single goes for adds on radio Tuesday, October 16, 2007

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