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Mike Doughty's Blog

A man crisscrosses the country, covering thousands of miles as he drives from city to city in solitude. The only voices he hears come from the car stereo; the only eyes he meets are his own in the rearview mirror. This man is Mike Doughty, former frontman of world-renowned musical mish-mashers Soul Coughing, and he's happier than he's ever been.

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The Killing Floor

Up and Coming San Antonio Rock and Blues band, The Killing Floor, featuring frontman Juan Carlos Martinez. The music and live performances of these highly-driven pros remain the same; creative, energetic, "jazzy without bounds", original rock/blues with influences such as Ian Moore, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Audioslave, Deep Purple, Robin Trower, Jimi Hendrix, just a few of course. The Killing Floor's live performances, creativity, spirit and energy all bring together a new sound to be reckoned with.

Drop Trio

An experimental jazz funk group from Houston, Texas.


Improvised instrumental avant garde progressive funk jazz. "Drop Trio is poised to make its mark in the future of jazz." -

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ThinkSong: Alexa Weber Morales

ThinkSong: News and notes from the life of latin jazz/brazilian singer-songwriter Alexa Weber Morales. Stories from the road. Practicing. Scales. Gigs. Arranging. Working with my producer. Nervous breakdowns. Performance highs and lows.


Cassandra Wilson meets Gal Costa: Whether in Spanish, English, Portuguese or French, Alexa's rich voice and revealing lyrics stir your soul with lush latin jazz backed by such all-stars as Wayne Wallace, John Santos and Frank Martin.

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Grupo Lazzo

Bursting onto the Tejano music scene in June of 1996, Lazzo has created a tremendous following and is gaining momentum with each and every show that they perform. Based out of Fort Worth, Texas, Grupo Lazzo has created an explosion in the Tejano music industry unlike any other.


Big Fish based in Kawasaki, Kanagawa, Japan introduces the blog reader and music lover to Japanese artists playing such genres as folk rock and NewWave Electronica.

Major Leaguer

Musings on the world of Indie, Rock, Pop and Hip Hop from a London-based music hack.

Cahl's Juke Joint

My blog is a reflection on jazz, blues, rock, punk, pop and country music.

Anubis Spire's Online Journal

Online journal of post-progressive/world fusion band ANUBIS SPIRE, featuring band member entries, studio log updates, independent record company doings as well as guest commentary,general blather and group obscuria. It is also home to A.S. PROJECT friends and associates: NIGEL POTTER, KATHY STEWART (Random Bullet Records), NEIL HENDERSON (Saqqara Records) and DAVID SWEET (Electronic Music Labs).

ANUBIS SPIRE: Back To AbydosANUBIS SPIRE: Back To Abydos

A guitar-heavy post progressive/world fusion band with a decidedly middle eastern flavor.

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Live Music Blog

The Live Music Blog is a blog featuring a collection of news, articles, discussions, reviews, and links all based around bands that thrive live, with my own special concentration on jambands.

Katherine Schell

"An eclectic blend of blues, alternative rock, and classical style, Katherine Schell's release of her first album "Torn" marks the introduction of a new sound full of contemporary meaning and heart. The brilliance of her lyrics combine with her mastery of the piano to beautifully translate into sound..."

KATHERINE SCHELL: Introducing Katherine SchellKATHERINE SCHELL: Introducing Katherine Schell

Katherine Schell blends her unique and lovely vocals with an alternative blend of piano on this introductory EP, which features her Song of the Year award (benefiting Vh1 Save the Music) winning track, "Rest Assured."

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Steve Earle's Blog

Steve Earle's blog: The Revolution Starts...Now.

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From singer-songwriter Dawn Xiana Moon: thoughts on life as a twenty-something, the underground swing dancing culture, God, living in a college town as a non-student, music, politics, theatre, and anything else her itchy fingers find themselves typing.



We blog about bands, artists, podcasts, music and events that involve the artsists on our website, We encourage all bands to join our site to promote their music and events and to create ringtones.

Red Zeppelins

Luke White from Atomic Tom writes about independent culture, rants and raves.

ATOMIC TOM: Anthems For The DisillusionedATOMIC TOM: Anthems For The Disillusioned

Vulnerable, quirky, a little naive, highly confident and somewhat ridiculous alternative and indie pop rock.

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Clyde Smith gathers hip hop related business news from such industries and subsectors as music, movies, apparel, mobile content, automotive, publishing, jewelry and beverages and publishes them in ProHipHop, a hip hop trade blog.

Murphee K

We've played a bunch of shows and house parties and even toured in summer 2003, all of which are documented in our website, slowly garnering interest and respect from people and various bands all over the country. Our first ever recording -- "Red Rose" -- was released on Oct 23, 2003 as part of the HOME Van Compilation CD.
The Murphee K site also includes MPK Adventures - punk band does webcomics.

Aquarium Drunkard

"The cause of, and solution to, all of life's problems"
....Musings, rants, raves, roasts, toasts, op-ed, shit-talking, etc.

Christene Ledoux

Life of a "tumbleweed"...This is where I ramble on and on about being a Tumbleweed...

CHRISTENE LEDOUX: little lighthouseCHRISTENE LEDOUX: little lighthouse

Award winning songwriter w/ hypnotic vocals, mellow music to bliss out to...a story-teller of everyday people, ala Patty Griffin, Eva Cassidy, Lucy Kaplansky & Lucinda Williams. Folk/folk-rock & americana tinged. Highly Recommended.

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Vexed and Glorious

A blog dedicated to introducing new and never heard music to a public hungry for good tunes.

Queen Esther

"This rock 'n roll blackgrrl's high life: a cautionary tale"

QUEEN ESTHER: Talkin' Fishbowl BluesQUEEN ESTHER: Talkin' Fishbowl Blues

If Keith fired Mick and decided to let Tina Turner front the band with Gram Parsons riding shotgun, they would sound a lot like Queen Esther.

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Random Ambient

A collection of written works by Darshan Ambient's M. Allison. With contributions from Child Supports Brian Penn and other former members of Harlequin, Empty House and other projects.


Welcome to the inner sanctum! Dogmatic will collate and disseminate info on the world of cutting-edge television, cinema, DVDs, comic books, extreme music, toys, and anything and everything with a touch of outre´.

Moby's Journal

Moby's Journal: The multi-talented (techno, dance, ambient, rock, classical...) artist writes about tour dates, travel & locations, politics and more.

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