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Sin's Fate Unleashed

Life with Sin's Fate- music, humor, and sarcasm.

Announcing the Toylanders

Highlights from the toylanders website.

Tuba-Euphonium Blog from

Tuba and Euphonium tips, sheet music, MP3 downloads, and performance advice. Also news from the website.

Michael Gaither - Songs and Stories

Music blog (rants, gig updates, song clips) from Americana singer/songwriter based in Santa Cruz, CA


Photos taken by Victor Rodriguez and photos from his personal collection. This is a work in progress and I have many more photos and MP3s to add. I am currently playing alto sax in the Sewer Band and still taking photos.

Sitting On Bakunin's Grave

Mp3s, album reviews, personal opinion, from some noise rock loving cabin dweller in Canada...

Jason Silver

Thoughts, reviews, ideas, and mp3 downloads of music by Jason Silver.

Shelterdog Blog

Singer-songwriter Jonathan Hoffman's blog is inspired by his most recent CD, "For Dog Lovers Only," which contains 14 original Dog Tunes, all written from a dog's point of view. Hoffman battles hos two dogs for control of the Shelterdog Blog. Tune in and find out who is on top.

Ben Warren

This is the daily blog of a musician living in New York City. Songs, rants, politics, music stuff, it's all in well as photos from my life and the world at large, a podcast called the drunken podcast show, links to other sites that I run including and of course all the latest information for the recording artist known as Ben Warren.

Blackball Fighter

Four mates. Million pound house. One year. Rock and Roll.Four mates...Start a rock band,Rent a one million pound house for twelve months,Write some songs and book some gigs,Document the entire mad journey with photos, videos, and recordings...How far can we get? How fast can we get there?The entire drama will unfold right here, and it starts right now.


Personal weblog of belgian bassplayer Tom Maene (Semper Fi - 36Degrees)


Daily updated newsblog with the latest news on goth / electro / synthpop music with bands such as Depeche Mode, VNV Nation, Wolfsheim, Combichrist, NIN, Front 242, Nitzer Ebb, Erasure, ... with lots of ticket / CD / merch give-aways.

Blue Methodology

Welcome to The Blue Method Blog. Here we'll be posting the details of The Life of the Blue Method to the greatest extent that we can without incurring criminal charges. Enjoy.

A Pulp Faction

Dedicated to the art, style, life, history, people and debauchery of Memphis music past, present and future!

It Should Look Like an Accident

The making of the new Angel Tech album.

Sidearm: Music: Urban Gorilla

The music and journal of Urban Grilla. The music blog is a regularly updated log of sidearm's recent releases. The music can broadly be described as electronic, encompassing house/techno and ambient soundscapes.There is also "the journal", a members only blog for musical collaboration, remixing and sample sharing.

Chris Carder's Blog : A Day In My Life

Chris Carder's blog about being a musician, singer, song writer, and a blogger.


Drongomala says he is heralding the second Renaissance. Drongo means idiot and mala means 'evocation of'. He runs a recording label in Manchester, UK. This blog weaves in and out of focus between music, politics, art and personal experiences. Snapshots take place in the same manner as a knee hit on the unfunny bone. This is the chicken the hammer and the egg.

The Face of Today

Music from my band (Harold's Leap) and my friend's bands (Amber Suite, Singfield etc.)Lots of free legal MP3s. Come in and enjoy!

Modern Music

Best Rock Music Blog. You can find every kind of rock music. Indie rock, Classic rock, alternative, punk. And Free mp3 downloads. Chosen Rock classic albums.

U2 WebLog

The first U2 weblog, established in July 2000. Daily updates and in depth coverage of U2 news, live appearance and red carpet events.

Everyday Records

News from Everyday Records + features on my latest favourites in Music, Comedy, Television, Film, Stage, Literature and the Arts.

Sign up and post links to cool music videos.

The Devils' Den

News and Updates from the Philadelphia, PA original band on Face Down Records, Milton and The Devils Party.

Supraluxe Blog

The latest Supraluxe news, podcasts, etc.


London songwriter Anthony Oliver has hit a rich vein of form this year, turning out instantly memorable hookful gems, some of which he records and performs with indie popsters College Pinks. The blog contains lyrics and tabs for his songs, as well as evience of his ongoing obsessions with guitars, dogs and bad DIY.

Sparks - Hello Young Lovers

Sparks mania! Check out Sparks 20th album 'Hello Young Lovers'. Plus great new single 'Perfume'. Tour news, fansite details and more.

Sparks - CD Anthology

The first anthology to gather songs from Sparks entire career. A 300-track, 5-decade-spanning compilation on 30 CDs. The most complete collection of Sparks songs ever.

Eat This Grenade!

Obscuro Audio, Forgotten Favorites and Hidden Gems of Glittering Noise, all in a delightful MP3 format.

P.I.C's Myspace Blog

The latest and greatest news from New York based hiphopunkfunkmamboska band, P.I.C.


A singer song writer life under the flamboyant tree

Stuck in the 80s

From John Hughes to U2. Ferris Bueller to Ronald Reagan. Our 80s addicts remember the music, movies and culture of the 80s. Updated daily. Find our Stuck in the 80s podcast on iTunes.

A songwriter's Blog

Thoughts, visions, music and videos from a new out of the stream artist.

Curse Buster Sound Blog

The blog for the serious minded musician.

Psychedelic Mooj

Psychedelic Mooj's blog provides updates on gigs, music releases and more. The music of Psychedelic Mooj is an amazing fusion of rock, funk, soul, jazz all into one melting pot of psychedelic blues. Download the latest singles "Who's Gonna Love Ya" and "Monsoon Soul" from Psychedelic Mooj in .mp3 format at:

Scumbo's Live Journal

Scumbo rocks New York City like no llama ever before. Visit for an assortment of downloads and information.

gidionics Journal

gidionics journal is a regularly updated photo project from amsterdam based photographer gideon features heavily-concert photos,reviews,info and useful links for a wide range of local and international up and coming acts along with exclusive material from more established names.

Fruity Loops Resource

Enhance your Fruity Loops music projects with tips, tricks, tutorials, samples, and more. Collab with other users. Full FL Studio resource site.

It's Not The Band I Hate, It's Their Fans

If you're a music junkie/snob looking for the great underappreciated artist, than this blog is for you. An outlet for me to rant/rave about the music industry, make artist recommendations and talk about any concerts I've recently attended.

Latch Music Blog

Jazz rock world fusion free streaming web radio station, ezine, reviews, articles, solo piano and keyboard CD's & more.

Next Best Records Blog

Next Best Records is a brand new indie record label based in Columbus, Ohio, and the Next Best Records Blog is dedicated to being a forum for the label and its artists to participate actively in the blog community. The current participants in the blog are Ian Wying, founder of Next Best Records, and Lee Wadlinger, it's primary artist.


Audiophila is a idea of sound. Its ambient, acoustic, electronic, and enforced by new music posting each week. Come check it out.

Aisha Elderwyn

Musician, Narrator & Voice Actor.

Heavy Metal Mouth

A music blog with record reveiws, MP3's, and general information on bands and every thing that surrounds them.

Afrobeat Trainspotter

This blog is dedicated to good electonic music with a deep and jazzy edge. House music, jazzy beats, breaks and more. Catch my comments and musings on the "scene" and all things deep.

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