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Brian May's Blog

Brian May from Queen has a blog!

Wreckless Eric's Diary

Wreckless Eric writes about his tour and experiences on the road from town to town.

Lightning Is My Girl

Melissa Auf Der Maur's blog. "I here by open a new world of words, images, mood and light hearts.................... I will try, to fill up the space in cyber world with a chunk of my grey mass translated into this form...hello."

The Inner Rings Of Saturn

Random thoughts and rants from alternative-urban-pop music artist Saturn.
"I'm a gay independent alternative urban pop music artist trying to "make it" and the blog is a diary of my successes and failures in music, life and love."

SATURN: DeviantSATURN: Deviant

Alternative urban pop - think Prince meets Depeche Mode, throw in a little dose of Bowie and sprinkle it with edges of Timbaland.

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Radical Druid

Poetry, prose, commentary, music and other frequently coherent (lucid, even) statements from John Litzenberg.


Ambient Electronic Musician.
"My daily struggles and accomplishments in creating music. I have just bought a book called the i Ching. I used to have this book many years ago to help me decide what I will be doing each day. I will be using this daily."

Chion Wolf

Behind the music ALL the time! A personal branch-off of


Singer-Songwriter Roger Kuhn. "Random thoughts and musings from the World of Roger Kuhn."


The Pond

Thoughts and observations on music, movies, and life in general from a college graduate in his mid-twenties. "I mostly talk about the music that I listen to because that is what I love more than anything at this point in my life."

The Tofu Hut

An mp3 blog with music reviews and the latest music news.

Lynn 'Julian' aka Cookie 'Cutter' Girl

Lynn 'Julian' is Cookie 'Cutter' Girl, a superhero for *our* times who packs her Power POP CD with a PUNCH! Cutter is freeing women from the mold in which society holds them captive!

LYNN JULIAN: Cookie Cutter GirlLYNN JULIAN: Cookie Cutter Girl

"Girl Power Pop" with a PUNCH delivered by a shy singer-songwriter turned CRIME-FIGHTING SUPERHERO. Julian layers FUN LYRICS over POWER POP with MELODIES that will be STUCK IN YOUR HEAD for hours. This CD is a GREAT "GIRL POWER" GIFT for every woman.

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Beat Kitchen

Eshan Khadaroo has created Beat Kitchen as an innovative means of collaborating with a myriad of musicians and producers via the internet. Now settled in Germany, alongside his career as a session drummer, he is concentrating on programming and production.


Bare Naked Ladies Blog

Founded in 1988 by singer-guitarists Steven Page and Ed Robertson, Toronto's Barenaked Ladies have sold over ten million records worldwide on the heels of hits like "One Week," "Pinch Me" and "Brian Wilson." Along the way, they have developed a dedicated following, and a reputation as one of North America's best-loved live acts.

Phantom Planet's Blog

Phantom Planet is a frequently evolving 4-piece band based out of Southern California and has recently achieved fame for its song "California", which went on to become the theme song for the popular TV show The O.C.

Ciara News Blog

This blog is for the wonderful female singer Ciara Harris. You must of all heard of her. She has sung with Missy elliott and Ludacris.

Buy Music by Ciara

Wondering where the name came from? "Melody Nelson is a fictitious character who appears on Serge Gainsbourg's 1971 release 'Histoire de Melody Nelson'..." Based in New York City, is a music blog with informative live concert and ticket information, reviews and a lot of photos. If you're in NYC looking for live music, this is the blog for you.

Music and Other Things

A musician blog featuring topics such as music and the Red Sox.

JIM BUTLER: The Beautiful OneJIM BUTLER: The Beautiful One

Thinking persons folk, with an edge.

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Music Jock

Memphis musician, currently playing with a band called Dani. Playing blues/rock.

DANI: Outside the LinesDANI: Outside the Lines

Dani's music is best described as "Memphis Roots Music". She wrote all 12 of these songs that are infused with that great Memphis blues and southern rock vibe.

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Belle and Sebastian's Blog

Stuart's Diary from Belle and Sebastian. They were formed in an all-night café in Glasgow, January 1996 and have been recording and playing ever since.


"This is the world of TooBig himself". From Detroit, Michigan Jess Perreca Jr. writes about music, some music gossip and whatever else comes to mind. He's also a strong supporter of the band Jocaine. This site includes Blogradio.

Ben Lee

Australian singer-songwriter Ben Lee's blog.


A blog written by a musician/artist in Germany featuring free software and mp3s.

Computers and Music

Thoughts of a computing science student and aspiring jazz musician.
There's plenty of information on Geoff's blog which includes links to his 'Musical Sketchbook', 'Transcribing Tips' and a 'Listen To Me Practice' link.

The Flying Eyes

Armed with an honest-to-goodness name, a website, some new songs and a reinvigorated passion for making music, The Flying Eyes resolve to recruit a bass player and get out there playing shows.


The observations of a writer/musician gone horribly right. Grant is the singer and guitar player for The Flying Eyes.

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