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Geoffrey Armes

Coming of age in the music-scene of late seventies/early eighties London, Geoffrey Armes retains the independent spirit of that era to this day. Jamming with Reebop Kwaku Baah (formerly affiliated with Traffic and Dizzy Gillespie) gave him an education in the value of polyrhythmic groove as well the beauty of hand drumming.


Dreamy Sufi-Celt ambience threaded with strong melody

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The Bagel And The Rat

Bass player and political blogger Jon Sobel blogs about such issues as world affairs, music and reviews.



If there are any other dread-locked, electric Appalachian mountain dulcimer players in the world, Mohave front-man Bing Futch has yet to hear of one. In this blog, Futch invites readers into the unique world-music sounds of the Mohave tribe through rehearsals, performances and recording sessions while sharing the stories of life on the road with this award-winning "extreme Americana" band!

MOHAVE: clear blue tricklingMOHAVE: clear blue trickling

A unique alternative Americana blend of slave chants, Native American rhythms, blues, jazz, country, Celtic and roots-rock styles with pop hooks, timeless stories and electrified mountain dulcimer.

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Alter Ego Maniacs

A blog by the members of the San Antonio cover band ALTER EGO for the friends and fans of ALTER EGO!


A Song A Day By Marty

I often make one song every day for 30 days. Here are volumes 1-3. Volume 3 is currently underway: February 1- March 2.


Brad Sucks

A one man band with no fans. Read his blog!

Bart's Blog

"I write about whatever music intrigues me (primarily blues, folk and bluegrass). Grew up as a metal-head, even did a metal zine for a few years. While I still enjoy the occassional metal album, my tastes have widened considerably. I enjoy a lot of music that can be simply described as "American" or "roots" music. Whether it be folk, bluegrass, blues, etc...I will probably be interested."

Ash Tree

Ash Tree: Journal of a writer/songwriter: now with mp3's.

H. BAUM: Living RoomH. BAUM: Living Room

Alternative rock, indie rock, singer/songwriter

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Nancy Falkow

Nancy Falkow's blog: A performer first, Falkow has led an exciting career as an independent artist; touring nationwide, singing on many projects and landing songs in TV and film.


"Pop-folk w/ Palpable Soul." - Billboard Magazine. Soaring vocals, infectious hooks, produced elegantly by Shane McMartin.

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The Waking Eyes Journal

The Waking Eyes are a four-piece rock band from Winnipeg, Manitoba. They have toured Western Canada, played New Music West in Vancouver and the International Pop Overthow Festival in Los Angeles. You can read about their current tour in their journal.
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The Punk Vault

The Punk Vault, a look inside the life of MXV, keeper of the Punk Vault and founder of Spontaneous Combustion Records/Webzine. Both personal accounts, punk rock news, and features on old punk records contained in The Punk Vault!


MusicInvestorNews is written and maintained by Brian Noer on behalf of InvestorIdeas, and is published in tandem with news and information that is posted daily to the Web Portal at The portal (MIS) features information that is vital to those investors who choose to include Music and Entertainment related stocks within their portfolio.

Xoch's Notes

Xoch: the line between Rock & Pop! Powerful, melodic and insanely catchy Pop/Rock!

XOCH: CabaretXOCH: Cabaret

The Line between Rock & Pop.

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Listen! continues to bring profile jazz and blues music, news, reviews, and interviews, with a special focus on Canadian jazz and blues.

Confessions of a Singer Songwriter

Confessions of a Singer/Songwriter: Often humorous journal on the serious work of writing songs. I flirt with my muse for all to see. Songs are everywhere and I show where I find them. Frequent samples of lyrics and music.


Guymon Adams

"This blog is focused mostly on my experience as a musician in the underground music scene (metal, hardcore, punk). In/out of the biz 10 years or so, but this is my first real attempt at my own band, God's Little Toy. I also run my own design business."

Jungle Mission

Black medallions, no gold.

Lori Franke

Independent Country Music Artist
There are moments in life when you miss someone so much that you just want to pick them from your dreams and hug them for real.

The Mystical Beast

Commentary on music, bands and albums.

How To Be A Dirty Musician 101

Vex X, singer from the band StarSkream tells it like it is in his blog.


A Brooklyn Voice

Rick Cusick, Brooklyn's up-and-coming singer songwriter, writes about music, the news of the day, politics, culture, and all things happening in the world. Definitely musical, somewhat political, always truthful, and more or less humorous.


Upbeat soul/pop to dance over, tap a foot to, drive along, laugh by, cry on; fans of Dave Matthews, Seal, James Taylor, will enjoy.

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Weszt (pronounced "west") is a heart-on-the-sleeve, "thinking mans" rock band from the semi-tropical, commercial sprawl of Orlando, Florida, USA. This is a blog from the studio and the road.

WESZT: Darkness ShinesWESZT: Darkness Shines

Emotionally complex lyrics, powerful melodies, and guitar heavy rock grooves; beyond bliss for the Nickelback or Three Doors Down fan.

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Dave Kropf

Dave can be heard regulary drumming for singing sensation, Dani McCulloch and also around Memphis performing with The Bebop Broadcasting Network or the Kathryn Stallins Band.

Jazz & Blues Music Reviews

"A completely subjective blog of music reviews covering mostly jazz and blues but branching out into other genres as well."

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