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Bandana Blues, A Way Of Life

Beardo of the Bandana Blues podcast has a blog!

Diddy Wah

An mp3 blog with 60's, soul, blues, rock and roll, psychedelia, covers, instrumentals, the origins of hip hop samples & more.

Metal Postcard Records

Underground Sounds From Bondi To Brixton To Brooklyn


Unofficial SXSW Music Festival Blog

Jamaican View

Current news about reggae, jazz, reggaeton, calypso and soca music.

Pale Beneath The Blue

Pale Beneath the Blue's Blog. Road stories, X-Rays, fan poetry, movie reviews, real life--way better than reality tv. Scintillating songs reminiscent of a beautiful clear, blue day. As seen in Bust magazine.


Peter Gabriel and Enya have a Ladytron listening party.

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Something I Learned Today

Yesterday's best punk, garage and hardcore. A case of musical arrested development.


Guitars and guitarists, basses and bassists, guitar news and products, weird guitars, bizarre guitars, wonderful guitars... Links to interesting guitar sites and products found on the internet, plus features on my own guitars and renovation projects.

The Bad Mouths

We play uptempo hard rock with a punkish edge and can be seen in various New York area clubs.

Will Diehl

Singer-Songwriter Will Diehl's blog.
Two of Will's songs, "I Hear A Spanish Guitar" and "You Are The Warmth" have received Honorable Mention Awards in the 2004 Song contest.

WILL DIEHL: From The VineWILL DIEHL: From The Vine

Singer/Songwriter Will Diehl - Live at the San Francisco Folk Festival and at the Placerville Acoustic Festival in California.

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Magnetic: Mos Def News

A blog with the latest news and information about rap/hip-hop artist Mos Def.

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Miss Saer Ze Loves the Blog

Saer Ze is a 22-year-old female independent elektro-pop singer/songwriter from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

SAER ZE: ShamelessSAER ZE: Shameless

Elektro-poppin'. A great fusion of electronic music and commercial pop rock in a single record.

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Arcane Enigma

Musician, Father, Son, Brother, Uncle, Can swim, Can't levitate.

Antonin Bastian

Singer, songwriter, producer (Frogmouth, La Boulette). This is my personal bla bla space. Lyrics, photos, shouts and links.

Country and Midwestern

News, lyrics, recordings, opinions and other musical meanderings from singer-songwriter, musician, poet and iconoclast John Litzenberg.


Swedish trio playing varying music with a scandinavian touch and a lot of vocals and rythm. We're blogging about music and martial arts. Free download. Welcome! Weblog

What's new in music on the web - a service from


Blackstrap is a rockpunk band that was formed in 2002 by several disgruntled music fans.The site includes latest news and music by and listened to by the band Blackstrap.


Garage band buzz. Music technology and indie music promotion blog.


Hey all, I'm new to all of this but recently launched a website promoting my work. Here you can find mp3's of my music, hope you enjoy.

Dave's Imaginary Sound Space

Music is a time-frequency wave function with tonal qualities pleasing to the human ear - ALICE A.I. Bot

Jim Colyer's Blog

I have 37 songs in Mp3 format at my site along with 135 lyrics. My site is music and more. I have travel photos and papers I have written on various topics, everything from astronomy to the New York Yankees.


Music and the industry in NYC.

Texas Gigs

Information on bands and shows in Texas. Also includes interviews, links to other Texas related sites and more.

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