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Sam Sparro debut EP Black and Gold set for release + watch video

Sam Sparro

Sam Sparro orbits into our stratosphere like a messenger from the future sent to hold off the end of summer blues with one last wild party. As he says in the lead track “S.A.M.S.P.A.R.R.O.” of the EP Black & Gold, out August 21 2007 on Modus Vivendi Music, he has a lot to say and a lot to do.

In “S.A.M.S.P.A.R.R.O.,” Sam blasts through the sound barrier on an incessant meladrone beat, brandishing a vocoder to synthesize his voice, shrouding the purity of his lush, soulful instrument to minimize the impact upon ears dulled by lesser pop singers. He’s the dance scene shepherd preparing to lead us to sounds and places we long to go.

And so the road is paved in Black & Gold. The journey is ours for the taking, led by the cunning musicologist out to show us a good time. Through six brisk tracks, Sam thrusts into the limelight sounds and textures at once foreign and familiar - 70s soul grooves, 80s freestyle beats, 90s garage - cornerstones from the heydays of youth when idealism ruled and our personal soundtracks reflected the upward trajectory of our lives. Like a cheeky historian, Sam culls the archives of forgotten record bins and coaxes his findings in unexpected ways - creating an infectious musical soundscape loaded with sex appeal. And soon we are enraptured, knowing full well how his heart beats.

Watch Sam Sparro - Black and Gold video:

Then he opens his mouth and the soul speaks. We are Chaka-d by the beauty of his R&B stylings, momentarily thrown back to a sugar shack in the Bayou where honey-suckled voices reigned supreme. Sam is smooth, delicious and all too good for us. “You must have thought I was a snack because your sticking to me like cling wrap,” he croons on “Cling Wrap,” knowing full well that by the time we reach this point, the penultimate track on the EP, he so has us craving more…and fearing that the party may soon end.

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  1. 2 Comment(s)

  2. By Lizelle on Jan 31, 2008 | Reply

    Thanks for the heads up on Sam….even though I’m quite late. We haven’t heard much of him over here in the states. We can’t even buy his EP!

  3. By kt on Feb 14, 2008 | Reply

    my god this is a tuuuune!!!
    fairplay to him its f***in lush. radio whould be playin it more often, i need to get him on vinyl il be playin him at gigs all the time when i can. wow!! x

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